London Road, Wrotham Heath

XtraFlo Guttering & Downpipe Installation

Company: SPV Roofing and Cladding

Merchant: Areco
Products used:
Black Xtraflo Guttering
Wrotham Heath, Kent

The hotel is located in Wrotham Heath, an attractive town which overflows with atmosphere, vibrant shopping streets and architectural treasures, providing a slice of traditional Kent life.
FloPlast’s black Xtraflo Guttering used on this hotel replaced previous old guttering. Xtraflo is well suited to buildings with larger roof areas such as hotels as it is able to manage an increased volume of water due to its high flow capacity.

The hotel’s maintenance manager was pleased with the installers’ decision to use FloPlast products on the building. ‘FloPlast products are excellent, they are less expensive than other brands but that does not compromise the quality of the product. FloPlast is stocked in a variety of merchants meaning that any products I need are easily accessible. I particularly like the fact that their products easily slot together which makes care and maintenance of the guttering far less complicated.”

FloPlast would like to thank SPV Roofing and Cladding for selecting our products to use on this project and are pleased they are happy with the outcome.

Some features of FloPlast’s Xtraflo Rainwater System include:

  • Ideal for commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. Suitable for any building with a large roof area.  The vortex outlet design encourages the `swirling effect` of the water for greater water flow down the pipe.
  • Complete with wide rubber seals which allows for optimum performance in all conditions.
  • Semi-Elliptical profile.
  • High flow capacity - 11.8 litres/second, outlet in centre, 1.350 fall.
  • Connects to 110mm pipe and fittings.

For more information on our Xtraflo Rainwater System click here.

Products used in this project


170mm Xtraflo

110mm Round

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