Take Advantage of our Technical Support

FloPlast recognises that accessing accurate technical advice and getting clear-cut answers can be a minefield for those within the construction industry. With an overwhelming range of different systems and conflicting information available online, it can leave installers, specifiers and architects alike feeling confused.

Fortunately, FloPlast’s in-house Technical and Specification department is able to offer a variety of services that are personal to each and every customer, this free advisory service is available to anyone in the building industry who specify or use FloPlast products.

Detailed schedules or quotations based on your plans/drawings, providing essential product information and assisting with design specification are just a few ways FloPlast’s Technical team is able to aid our customers. Furthermore, we have a commitment to offering cost saving alternatives wherever practical - saving valuable time and money on your project!

Additionally, all FloPlast products are available as CAD drawings in .dwg or .pdf format and as BIM images which are accessible via Fasttrack CAD.

Contact our Technical and Specification department today!
Call on 01795 431731, or send your technical queries thorough directly to our friendly and knowledgeable team via technical@floplast.co.uk.

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