Tielt, Belgium

GroundGuard - Ground Reinforcement System Installation

Company: Van Hulle Paul Landscaping

Unit: 1 Detached House
JULY 2016
Products used:
Tielt, Belgium

The detached property is located in the quaint town of Tielt in Belgium. The area boasts many stunning architectural designs and has a fascinating history for which it is famous for.

There was a need for additional parking spaces on the property for visitors. FloPlast’s GroundGuard was used as a lightweight ground reinforcement systems to allow the new spaces to be laid in a way that would support the weight of cars and prevent the spaces sinking into the ground.

The owners were looking for a solution to retain the gravel that would be the surface of the new parking spaces. In order to comply with local building regulations the area had to allow rainwater penetration.

The home owner was particularly pleased with the use of the FloPlast GroundGuard system on his property, “The FloPlast GroundGuard tiles were the perfect solution thanks to their specific features and benefits that suited both the building regulations and my own expectations.”

The installer commented, “The tiles allow a quick and easy installation. Thanks to their rigidity it is very easy to cut the tiles to size so they can suit any application. The clip and lock connection in combination with the ground spikes ensure that the tiles will stay in place once installed, even in the case of regular vehicle access. It’s an excellent product!”.

FloPlast are pleased that both the installer and homeowner were impressed with the GroundGuard system.

GroundGuard is a complimentary addition to FloPlast’s Underground range, providing innovation at its best with the added bonus of rainwater run off ability.

For more information on Ground Guard please click here.

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