Rock Rose House, St. Helena Island

Anthracite Grey Hi-Cap installation

Company: W.A. Thorpe & Sons Ltd

Completed in 2019
Products used: Hi-Cap in Anthracite Grey
Location: Sandybay East, St Helena Island, STHL 1ZZ

Rock Rose was an elegant two storey house with spacious rooms, which dated back to the 18th century and during Napoleons exile on the island, General Gourgaud stayed there. The house was u-shaped with a courtyard between the front and back buildings. The earliest view of the house was found in a sketch book in 1806, but by 1903 the house was in ruins.

In the mid-20th century the main house was demolished, but the servants quarters at the back remained habitable and were occupied until the 1970’s. These too were then allowed to deteriorate.

Until June 2016 it still belonged to Solomon’s and there had been no attempt at restoration since the building was abandoned in the 1970's. However, in 2016 it was bought by W.A. Thorpe & Sons Ltd and by 2019 the restoration of Rock Rose house was completed.

The Hi-Cap product in Anthracite Grey from FloPlast was chosen because of its stylish, great design and quality. It gave the flexibility required without looking overbearing and the customer was very pleased with how sturdy the gaskets are between the fittings. The Anthracite Grey guttering works well with the existing and newly painted timber fascia board.

Hi-Cap Benefits and Features:

  • 115mm/68mm & 80mm systems available.
  • A semi – elliptical profile.
  • High capacity – ideal for large roof areas.
  • Pre-fitted gutter seal retaining clip system for fast user friendly installation.
  • The high flow rate could result in less outlets and reduced drainage runs.
  • Both 68mm and 80mm round downpipes can be connected to the gutter system.
  • For an improved aesthetic gutter line when viewed from below, use RKN2 top hung bracket.


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