Brock Place, Brockenhurst

Company: John Hobden Ltd
January 2014

Units: 1 detached property
FloPlast product used: Black PVC-U Hi-Cap guttering

Brock Place is a luxury dwelling in the heart of the picturesque village of Brockenhurst, situated in the centre of the New Forest National Park.

FloPlast Black Pvc-u Hi-Cap guttering has been installed to the curved walkway of the property as shown below. This created a challenge for the FloPlast fabrication team as the gutter had to be cut and hot welded to follow the radius of the curved fascia.

John Hobden, the installer of this project commented; “I was recommended FloPlast rainwater goods by a local builder’s merchant. On installation of the gutter, I found that it fitted the profile well in connection to the curved fascia”.

FloPlast’s Hi-Cap guttering is a semi-elliptical profile, ideal for large/steep roof areas. It accepts connection of both 68mm and 80mm round downpipes and is available in variety of colours. Not only is the system covered by BS KM 501316, it also boasts a 10 year guarantee which can be easily registered via our guarantee page.

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