Bankwood Barn, Nottinghamshire

StormSaver Installation

Date: April 2014
Product: StormSaver Domestic Rainwater Harvesting
Tank Size: 7500L
Rainfall: 750mm pa
Savings: £400 per year

This renovation of an old barn into a family home for a Nottinghamshire family incorporated a Stormsaver domestic Rainwater harvesting system. The system included a 7500 litre shallow dig tank and a StormSaver control panel consisting of the pumps and system controls.  The system works by taking the rain from the roof via the guttering and filtering out leaves and debris, before storing the water underground in the storage tank.  During periods of low rainfall, if the tank runs empty, the system automatically tops up with mains water into a header tank situated within the control panel unit, rather than directly into the holding tank to ensure a continuous water supply.

The system uses a 90W pump rather than a traditional 900W submersible pump, reducing the energy and carbon impact by over 75% compared to other systems on the market and could even be powered via solar panels. It is small, quiet and the household reported their mains water consumption has reduced significantly.  In fact, the first six monthly water bill for the family of four was only £90.00 (an average family of four spends £587 per annum on mains water). They use the harvested rainwater for toilet flushing, laundry and garden watering.  An added bonus was the reduction in detergents and washing powder they had to use because the rainwater is so naturally soft.

With its intelligent low energy design, the StormSaver system is 75% more energy efficient allowing you to reduce both your water usage and carbon footprint.

There are several system types and sizes available and FloPlast can offer the very best solution to work with any type of property.

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StormSaver Rainwater Harvesting

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