mdpe-pipe-fittings MDPE Pipe & Fittings

FloPlast ‘Supreme’ S16 range of MDPE compression fittings are suitable for the use of above and below ground water services with polyethylene pipes certified to BS EN 12201 – 2. They are also WRAS approved.

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● Excellent pressure resistance, tested to 48 Bars. Comfortably exceeds the performance requirements of UK Water Byelaws Scheme. Tested and approved by various testing institutes worldwide. Water Regulations Advisory Scheme Approved (WRAS) product. (20mm to 110mm range of fittings)

● No need to dismantle the connector in order to fit the pipe.

● No need to chamfer the pipe, pieces will not be lost on the job site.

● No time wasted; just cut the pipe, insert, pipe liner, lubricate the seal, undo the nut a few turns, push the pipe in as far as it will go, tighten the nut and it’s done!

● Pressure Ratings for Medium Density (PE80) Polyethylene Pipe:

Normal SDR RAR
O/D mm Rating Rating
20 9 16
25 11 12.5
32 11 12.5
40 11 12.5
50 11 12.5
63 11 12.5


MDPE Fittings

● High Impact resistant Body and Nut which enables it to absorb thermal and mechanical stress.

● The fittings have a co-polymer polypropylene Body, Body Nut and Guide Ring, Acetal Grab Ring and Nitrile Seal.

● S16 fittings are designed and suitable to be used at a 16 bar pressure rating.

● Operating temperature -10°C +45°C

Nominal Pressure (PN):

Temp °C -10/+25°C +26/+35°C +36/+45°C
PN 16 12.5 10



BS EN 12201 – 2 Plastic piping systems for water supply. Polyethylene (PE) Kitemark: KM82327

Kitemarked and KIWA approved

MDPE Fittings

BS EN 12201 – 3 Plastic piping systems for water supply – Polyethylene (PE) Fittings WRAS Approved 1707399.

Body, nut, thrust ring are manufactured from Polypropylene (PP-B) material. For coloured nuts, top UV resistant master-batch is used.

Grip rings are manufactured from copolymer Polyacetal resin (POM), white colour.

Conical gaskets manufactured from NBR or EPDM rubber 70sh, black colour.

Reinforcement rings for female threads > =1 ½ Stainless Steel AISI430.

WRAS and KIWA approved.


MDPE Fittings

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