Land Drainage

The FloPlast Land Drainage system is used to remove excess water from fields and gardens, or any area where excessive water is a problem. The perforations allow seeping water to ingress the pipe, capillary action then maintains the water within the pipe allowing it to flow to its destination i.e. Stormwater Attenuation Tanks, also known as Modular Plastic Geo Cellular Units (egg crates) or a watercourse (stream, lake etc.).

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● Perforated and coiled land drainage pipe is manufactured in HDPE.

● Normally used in agriculture and in building construction sites.

● Particularly beneficial in areas with heavy ground conditions i.e. clay.

● Relieves hydrostatic pressure.

Currently there are no system specifications to display
Product Code Colours

100mm LC100
80mm LC80

Multi-Junction Branch
80/100mm LJ100

Land Drainage – 25m Coil
100mm L10025
80mm L8025

Perforated Plain Ended Pipe
6m D046P

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