FloFit Fittings

FloFit is a flexible and fully demountable push-fit plumbing system. The product is suitable for all domestic and small commercial hot & cold-water installations, including central heating for both pressurised (un-vented) and combi (vented).

Related documents System Features Specifications

● Lightweight and easy to handle.

● Grip ring seal connection.

● Fully demountable.

● All products supplied with white collet clips (which prevents accidental pipe release).

● Coloured red and blue collet clips allow easy identification of hot and cold installations.

● Low maintenance white finish.

The materials used in the FloFit systems are detailed and accepted on the WRAS approved materials register for use in all domestic installations throughout the UK`s regional water authorities.

The system comprises of Acetal copolymer fittings, manufactured in accordance to BS 7291. Parts 1, 2, & 3.

The FloFit fittings have additionally been tested and meet the requirements of WRAS.
Approval No. 171174

FloFit fittings should not be fitted or installed on stainless steel pipes, chrome plated copper tube or plain brass spigot ended fittings.

Product Code Colours

Straight Couplings
10mm FC10
15mm FC15
22mm FC22

Reducing Coupler
15x10mm FRC15
22x15mm FRC22

10mm FB10
15mm FB15
22mm FB22

Equal Tee
10mm FT10
15mm FT15
22mm FT22

Reducing Tee
15 x 10 x 10mm FRT151010
15 x 15 x 10mm FRT151510
15 x 15 x 22mm FRT151522
22 x 15 x 15mm FRT221515
22 x 22 x 10mm FRT222210
22 x 22 x 15mm FRT222215

Stem Elbow
10mm FS10
15mm FS15

Tap Connector
15mm x ½" FTC1512
15mm x ¾" FTC1534
22mm x ¾" FTC2234

Bent Tap Connector
15mm x ½" FBC1512

Stop End
10mm FE10
15mm FE15
22mm FE22

Blue PolyButylene Inserts
15mm FPI15
22mm FPI22

White PE-X Inserts
10mm FXI10
15mm FXI15
22mm FXI22

Blue Cold Water Collet Clips
10mm FCB10
15mm FCB15
22mm FCB22

Red Cold Water Collet Clips
10mm FCR10
15mm FCR15
22mm FCR22

Pipe Cutters

Chrome ISO Valve
15x15mm FV15

Flexi – Hoses
15mm x ½" x 300mm FH10
15mm x ½" x 500mm FH11
15mm x 15mm x 300mm FH15
22mm x ¾" x 300mm FH20
22mm x ¾" x 500mm FH21

ISO Valve / Flexi – Hose
15mm x ½" x 300mm FH30

Product Drawings (BIM/CAD/PDF)

You can download accurate CAD drawings and BIM Models/Families of our products from our FloPlast CAD & BIM library.To access the library you must register using the form below. You will then be sent an email which contains your access link giving you full access to the Fastrack CAD & BIM Library.