Domestic Channel Drainage

FloDrain is a 110mm Domestic Channel Drainage System that can be applied around many areas where surface water collects.

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●  CE marked in accordance with the Construction Products Register.

●  Slip resistant and heel guard.

●  Concave design and deeper outlet for improved flow.

●  A15 Load rating – Tested to BS EN 1433:2002.

●  No locking bars required.

●  Grate is easily removed with a flat head screwdriver.

●  Spacer now available to connect the quad connector to the threshold to enable access in the event of a blockage.

●  Threshold for use at front of a door, allowing the installation to conform to Part M of the Building Regulations.

●  Sump trap with integrated basket to collect debris before it enters the system.

BS EN 1433:2002 – Drainage channels for vehicular and pedestrian areas. Classification, design and testing requirements, marking and evaluation of conformity.
Product Code Colours

1m Channel Drain including Grate
Galvanised Grate D701
Plastic Grate D700

Drain Corner
Galvanised Grate D720
Plastic Grate D710

Garage Pack
Galvanised Grate D751
Plastic Grate D750
Consists of 3 x 1m Channel Lengths plus 1 x End Cap & 1 x End Outlet.

Sump/Trap Unit and Basket
Galvanised Grate D733
Plastic Grate D732

End Cap

End Outlet

Balloon Guard

Corner Spacer
To be used in conjunction with a drain corner and a threshold drain length for optimal access.

Channel Drain Jointing Clip

1m Threshold Channel Drain
Plastic Grate D730

Product Drawings (BIM/CAD/PDF)

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