pvc-ue-roofline PVC-UE Roofline, Window & Cladding

FloPlast Roofline, Window and Cladding extrusions are manufactured on state of the art machinery and extrusion dies in the group’s Cork plant, which has approaching 50 years extrusion experience behind it.

FloPlast boards offer a complete low maintenance solution to both Roofline and Window Systems construction. The tough impermeable outer skin of FloPlast foam boards provides year round protection from both the weather and insect infestation.

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Will not rot, warp, crack or erode. They do not require painting or any other protective treatment.

Weather resistance
The impermeable outer skin and closed-cell composition of the boards is unaffected by moisture and will not rot or corrode.

Fire resistance
They do not burn freely and outperform timber in a fire. The materials are not easily ignitable and have a Class 1 fire rating in accordance with BS476 : Part 7 1997.

However our board certificate states:

7.1 When tested in accordance with BS 476-7 : 1997, the multi-purpose board achieved a Class 2Y surface spread of flame rating; all other boards are expected to be similar, except the hollow soffit which achieved a Class 1Y rating.

The cladding states:

7.1 The system achieved a reaction to fire classification* of D-s3, d2/(AHM) to BS EN 13501-1 : 2007.

The combined cellular core and Co-extruded PVC-U surface skin ensure high durability in all conditions.

Thermal efficiency
Good insulating properties, improves overall thermal insulation of composite wall construction.

No chemical reaction with other common building materials.

Cutting, drilling, nailing and shaping are easily achieved.

High gloss finish with blemish free surface.

FloPlast Co-extruded White Cellular PVC-UE boards come with a twenty year product guarantee in respect of performance and significant discolouration. The guarantee is subject to registration of the installation.

BS7619 – Extruded cellular unplasticized PVC (PVC-UE) profiles.

BS EN 13245-2 – PVC-U Profiles and PVC-UE Profiles for internal and external wall and ceiling finishes.

Both the Roof Trim and Cladding Systems have been assessed and achieved Agrément Certification as follows:

FloPlast PVC-UE Roofline Systems: BBA Agrément Certificate 00/3771
FloPlast White PVC-UE Cladding System: BBA Agrément Certificate 00/3772

Fire Behaviour / Performance

FloPlast PVC-UE Roofline Systems
Certification Number 3771 – when tested in accordance with BS 476-7 the multi-purpose board achieved a Class 2Y surface spread of flame rating; all other boards are expected to be similar, except the hollow soffit which achieved a Class 1Y rating.

FloPlast White PVC-UE Cladding System
Certification Number 3772 – the system achieved a reaction to fire classification of D – s3, d2/(AHM) to BS EN 13501.

Foiled Products

The Renolit foil applied to FloPlast’s cladding, boards, or hollow soffit systems has been tested and achieved the following fire rating:
When tested in accordance with DIN4012-B2 and DIN EN ISO 13501-1, the requirements according to RAL-GZ716/1 Section I Part 7 are fully met.
All base products retaining the already published fire ratings.

Fascia Boards

Soffit Boards

Cladding Systems

Joints and Trims

Window Systems Trims


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